Alumni Board


The Upsilon Delta Sigma Alumni Board represents the governing body that facilitates Alumni operations for the fraternity.  It consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Faculty Advisor.

Their mission is to leverage the collective voices of all Upsilon Delta Sigma Alumni in order to create overarching legislation and provide oversight for all matters pertaining to the Alumni. It is also their mission to support and foster the social professional growth of our alumni and undergraduates by maintaining our fraternal fellowship and brotherhood.
This senate will accomplish these goals by discussing & creating alumni policies, programs, and initiatives.

We must provide a clear direction that is applicable to all the alumni of the brotherhood.  This will ensure that we are moving forward with the mission of our alumni for the overall benefit of our brotherhood.  Therefore all of our alumni brothers should focus on:

-Serve as mentors to  our undergraduate brothers thereby advising them of opportunities and resources available in order to facilitate a smooth and successful transition to the professional workplace and Alumni Association.

-Provide constant guidance to our recent alumni members in order to ensurte the highest levels of personal and professional success.

-Volunteer to facilitate programs or workshops for our brotherhood